People with dead trees outside their homes can turn them into ‘pieces of art’ to impress visitors instead of paying to see them chopped down.

Southport firm IllumiDex UK Ltd is encouraging local residents and business owners to invite them to come and wrap lights around their trees, creating an impressive focal point all year round.

IllumiDex UK Ltd has already transformed a number of dead trees in the area, including one in front of the Peaky Blinders bar in Churchtown and another one outside a home on Shore Road in Ainsdale.

IllumiDex UK Ltd Director Steve Clayton said: “We would love to see more people invite us to wrap dead trees in their gardens with lighting as a feature instead of needing to have them removed.

“We think it turns a dead, useless tree that people would have to get rid of into something that looks really attractive.

“At one recent installation in Ainsdale, the owner told us that if we hadn’t wrapped the tree with lights, then she would have had to pay someone to take it away.

A tree on Shore Road in Ainsdale in Southport wrapped in lights by IllumiDex UK Ltd

A tree on Shore Road in Ainsdale in Southport wrapped in lights by IllumiDex UK Ltd

“Now it looks like a piece of art. It is beautiful.

“There are lots of people out there who may have dead trees in their gardens, and they are wondering what to do with them and whether they will have to get them chopped down.

“We can come round and make these trees look really pretty instead.

“By wrapping the trees with lights, they will then look good all year round.”


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