Chris Ryan from IllumiDex enjoyed being in the spotlight on Radio 1 as a ‘Weekday Warrior’.

He spoke about how his firm is already busy providing lighting and planning Christmas decorating for local homes and businesses – and revealed his own Christmas surprise this year.

IllumiDex won national acclaim earlier this year when it completed the ‘boulevard of light’ along Lord Street in Southport, installing 300,000 lights along both sides of the mile-long route.

We have also completed festoon, roof and tree lighting for firms including Remedy, Southport College, Pavilion and others, along with local homes whilst we are now working on plans to provide Christmas decorating services for businesses and homes across the region.

Chris was selected to speak on the show being presented by Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts, who was delighted to welcome a fellow Sandgrounder on air.

On the programme, Adele said: “I can’t believe you are in Southport because Producer Jenny actually picks our Weekday Warriors!

“I just want everyone to know who is listening – it is not a fix!

“Jenny called back Chris and he just so happened to be in Southport. So wonderful to speak to you. How is Southport looking?”

Chris said: “It’s as beautiful as ever, they don’t call it Sunny Southport for no reason!”

Adele said: “For anyone who doesn’t know, Southport is my home town and I just miss everyone so please go around hugging people later on today if you can Chris for me.

“So what are you doing today?”

Chris said: “I work with my Mum, Stepdad and brother doing Christmas decorations for Southport and the surrounding towns and cities.

“It is our prime time now, we are cracking on getting it all ready for Christmas.”

Lighting by IllumiDex UK Ltd

Lighting by IllumiDex UK Ltd

Adele said: “Wow so like in August you are actually getting ready for Christmas time?”

Chris said: “In January we are getting ready for Christmas time!”

Adele said: “Wow! So how does it work, do you actually make the lights?”

Chris said: “We basically make the whole frameworks for all the signs, we make all the trees, so we fabricate absolutely everything you see in our local town.

“Then it is my job to wrap them all and get them all looking like Christmas decorations and get them all tested and ready to go out!”

Adele said: “So you have done all those trees down Lord Street?”

Chris said: “Yes, we have done all the trees on Lord Street, yes.”

Lights on Lord Street in Southport, provided by Southport BID and installed by Illumidex UK Ltd. Photo by Andrew Brown Media

Adele said: “Oh my goodness! So the actual Christmas lights, you have not put them up yet?”

Chris said: “Not yet, no. So we start the installation around October, and it takes us through to November time.

“But the tree lights in Southport we started in January right through to March and they are already up.

“You can see them whatever time it goes dark onwards.”

Adele said: “You must be like Eastenders, because I think they start filming their Christmas episodes now, so you are quite similar?

“So can you tell us what designs you are going to do? Or is that a secret?”

Chris said: “We have got a lot of stars, we have got some baubles, we have got big reindeers, more stars, trees, and a lot of wreaths as well so we have got a lot of business going on at the moment.

“We are really, really proud to be doing this for our home town.”

Adele said: “Wonderful. And if you need a DJ or anyone to switch them on – I know someone who can help you out?

“Any shout outs you want to do?”

Chris said: “My wife’s listening at home, Rebekah.

“We have got a baby due next month. We are really excited about that.

“That is something we are looking forward to for Christmas.

“My brother’s next door, making more bits and bobs for us. Just everyone else who knows me!

“We don’t know what we’re having yet, so it is going to be a big surprise.”

Lights on Lord Street in Southport, provided by Southport BID and installed by Illumidex UK Ltd. Article and photo by Andrew Brown from Stand Up For Southport

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