Christmas is the busiest time of year for restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses – and they have a chance to really wow their customers this year.

IllumiDex UK Ltd specialises in decorating premises both inside and out with top quality decorations and lighting. The results leave a lasting impression on guests by a firm which has already shown that no job is too big.

IllumiDex was praised by the Prime Minister earlier this year after creating a spectacular “boulevard of light” along both sides of the mile-long Lord Street in Southport, installing 300,000 LED bulbs, rivaling the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Director Steve Clayton said: “Now and over the next few weeks is the perfect time for business to start talking about Christmas!

“After such a tough year last year during the Covid pandemic, it is great to see everyone reopening now and building themselves back up. This is a really big year for everyone.

“We are happy to call in and meet business owners to discuss what they need this year. It gives us the chance to create bespoke Christmas decorations and lighting inside and outside which provide a real wow factor for both the businesses and their customers, which is so important during the busy festive season.

“We spoke with one business owner recently who used to send a staff member out to a local bargain store to come back with a few decorations, which then sat tangled in a mess in the back room until the following year. There is a better way!

“Festive decorations and lighting need to look good both internally and externally if you’re going to attract customers and really make a good impression on them.

“We can turn up, install your decorations and then at the end of Christmas take them all down and take them away again. It saves business owners the time and the hassle of having to do it themselves as well as designing and installing something really professional.

“We design and manufacture Christmas decorations as well as putting them up. We also install lighting, both inside and outside premises. We can provide festoon lighting, roof lighting, festive lights, we can wrap trees with lights.

“We have provided lighting and decorations for homes and small businesses to big chains, to town and village centres and retail shopping parks.

“It’s never too early to talk about Christmas! We’re looking forward to speaking with local firms about exactly what they need this year.”

IllumiDex UK Ltd is a family run business based in Southport and has worked on some really eye-catching projects. The firm manufactured the star for the enormous Christmas tree in Manger Square in Bethlehem.

They were also commissioned to design a sensational Grinch Christmas tree for the premiere of Benedict Cumberbatch’s The Grinch movie in Los Angeles in 2018.

The firm also designs, manufactures and installs the Christmas lights and decorations in Southport town centre each year, as well as providing the huge LED-lit Christmas tree in Southport’s Town Hall Gardens.

IllumiDex UK Ltd created the Christmas decorations and lighting display for Ocean Plaza retail and leisure park and will be providing a large 6-meter cone tree for Central 12 in Southport for Christmas 2021 too.

Steve said: “Our decorations are manufactured in-house locally, employing local people including young apprentices from Southport College. 

“We are perfectionists. Everything has to be done right.

“Every shift we do, myself and Jan are on-site to ensure that every job is carried out the best it can be.

“For us it is all about hard work, refusing to cut any corners, and having a real passion for the job that we do.”

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