Lighting specialists IllumiDex UK Ltd are hiring out our manned cherry picker to local businesses and tradespeople. 

We famously used our van-mounted MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) to install 300,000 new LED lights along the mile-long Lord Street boulevard in Southport.

The Southport BID initiative to create “a boulevard of light” saw IllumiDex UK Ltd use our cherry picker to create 20 miles of lighting along both sides of the famous street. 

IllumiDex owner Steve Clayton holds a MEWP licence, as well as highway safety certification which gives the authority to divert traffic and place road cones where necessary. Our firm also holds public liability insurance. 

The elevating work platform is 17.5 metres (nearly 60 feet) high, and can extend 9 metres outwards. 

Our manned cherry picker is available for hire to builders, tradespeople, roofers, plumbers, and to people installing windows, putting up signs on buildings, doing pointing, clearing gutters, and lots more besides. 

We were getting lots of inquiries from people before lockdown started and now that we have completed our huge project to install lighting along the whole of Lord Street in Southport, we have some availability. 

We can drive the cherry picker round to where you need it with just 24 hours notice. 

“The MEWP has an outreach of 9 metres while the bucket can carry two people and 40kg of tools or equipment. 

Hiring the Illumidex UK Ltd cherry picker can save local businesses and tradespeople considerable amounts of time and money. 

There are many jobs which take lots of time and expense to put up scaffolding before they can happen. We can help people to get your jobs done quickly. 

Call us today and we’ll give you a quote.

For more details please email: or call: 01704220829 (landline) or 07979158404 (mobile)