A lighting company based in Southport is urging people who want their trees lit up ready for Summer to place their orders fast.

IllumiDex UK Ltd has earned a glowing reputation in the North West after completing the Southport BID initiative to light up the mile-long Lord Street boulevard in the town.

The firm, which is based in Southport, installed 3,000 sets of lights with 300,000 bulbs across 80 trees along both sides of Lord Street, creating a beautiful atmosphere to attract shoppers, diners and other visitors once lockdown ends. The project was completed in early March.

The scheme was subsequently praised by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Parliament as well as being featured on ITV Granada news.

IllumiDex UK Ltd has since been busy with a range of projects including wrapping lights around trees in people’s gardens, ready for when families and households will be able to see each other outdoors again.

IllumiDex UK Ltd owner Steve Clayton said: “If people would like us to wrap trees in their gardens or outside their businesses with lights, we only have a window of around four or five weeks now where we can do it.

“Once it starts getting warmer and the foliage starts returning to the trees, we will have to wait until September or October before we can start wrapping trees again.

“If you would like your trees wrapping, then now is a good time to call or message us!

“The clock is ticking for residential and commercial tree wrapping, although things like uplighting and festoon lighting – like we provided outside The Atkinson on Lord Street – we can provide all year round.

“Since we began to light up Lord Street we have had lots of enquiries from local people and local businesses in places like Southport, Formby and West Lancashire.

“We have been lighting up trees in people’s gardens ready for when these Covid restrictions ease and families and households can start to meet up outside again. Some people have told us they are looking forward to holding garden parties outdoors this Summer, and the lighting will look really good. But the time to get it done so that it’s ready in time is now.”

There is lots of work which IllumiDex UK Ltd can carry out throughout the year.

The firm has been in demand among local businesses, recently providing 7,000 LED roof lights and festoon lighting at the Remedy cafe in the Town Hall Gardens on Lord Street, after previously lighting up The Pavilion building in the Town Hall Gardens.

The lighting is the same colour as the ones along Lord Street, bringing some real sparkle to the town centre.

Due to lockdown restrictions as well as changing habits since the Covid pandemic began, more businesses, including restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, pubs, shops and others, have been eager to transform their outdoor spaces to create an attractive new environment for customers.

IllumiDex UK Ltd has also been approached to provide outside lighting in villages and towns including Birkdale, Formby and Churchtown, and by retail parks including Ocean Plaza in Southport. They have worked with councils, Business Improvements Districts and business owners.

The firm is embracing new technology to provide uplighting in both businesses and homes, with apps meaning that people can change the colour or the brightness of their lights on buildings or in gardens through their mobile phones. Colour morphing and sequencing can create something truly impressive.

IllumiDex UK Ltd also provides internal residential lighting as well as manufacturing and installing Christmas decorations and lighting for both homes and businesses.

Steve Clayton said: “As a firm we have a great reputation where my wife Jan and I manage everything ourselves. We don’t cut corners, we do a proper job, a good job. We have all the qualifications needed, and more. All of our staff are local.

“We want to go in and be a force to be reckoned with, through people who have the confidence to know that we can do a great job.”

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